Online classes worldwide:
How to express your personality in your music,
Instrumental training on vocals and flute, keyboards, and improvisation/ insight in music
Repertoire training: Jazz & Latin
Each class is 45 minutes Pricing: 50 €

Individual weeklong master-class in France: read about the retreat, but this time, the focus will be on your
music coming from the perspectives, that will be most beneficial to you.Your stay here will allow your music to evolve tremendously. Pricing 1100 €

Gigs: In 2024 I hope to reach the delicious age of 60, that’s why I propose my “SWEET SIXTEE TOUR”: I hope to visit a lot of countries, the Caribbean/Surinam are already in option for february /march, and ofcourse France and the Netherlands. I offer my ONE WOMAN LATIN BAND, as the foundation, but also,
while travelling I love to make music with local musicians, great exchange. So I’m absolutely willing (schedule permitted) to lend you an ear and make a beautiful project in your country, often combining concerts with workshops, and I have some more timeslots to travel during the year.

Digital copy of my CD’s:
I made 3 CD’s as a bandleader/ musician, Dos Rosas with Luis Santana and our SANVADA orchestra in the
90’s, Caricia di Totolika with Axel Prudencia in 2000, and Cerca with Robby Alberga in 2015. And I produced “Un autentico Sonero”, from Proyeccion Sonera in 1998.
Have you pick of 2 CD’s for 15 € or all of them for 25 €
(I will send them to you by wetransfer)


Retreat/ BACK TO SELF, Pricing 1100 €

Online coaching session, min.90 minutes Pricing 90 € (In a package, following a timeline, that we plan together after the first session, the offer becomes more advantaguous.)

Payments: Since I’m in a 1-1 business, I don’t use online-payment systems, inside Europe you can pay me
directly by bank or by Paypal, outside Europe by Paypal