You can interpret “creative coaching” in two ways:


Coaching to use creativity in all aspects of your life, to be resourceful, find your own solutions, and use your potential! Let’s say you are a bundle of colored electrical wires that transports energy. The truth is, most of use only some of them, out of habit/ role in life. Nothing wrong if all goes well. But if you quickly reach your max, like a car engine that’s not using all cylinders, it’s time to act! Get to know other possibilities or overcome inhibitions.To find out more about those, I offer internal dialogue techniques.


Coaching for creative professionals. If you are a creative professional looking for coaching, think about this: Your mind has heightened neuroplasticity. Creative thinking asks for a unique configuration of brain regions that don’t typically work together, and they are much better interconnected. You need a way of coaching that adepts to you.

Why Coaching + Music for me? My family has an intellectual background. For them this intellectual focus seemed to function as an escape from real life, avoiding emotions such as war- and other traumas.I found my way to music as an escape and major source of joy, and engaged in personal development to work through all the bones life threw at me, or that I inherited from family. I liberated myself from all of them! Reason why I have not only become a professional musician, but also a certified coach since 2012. I have been working with clients ever since.

If you want to have a free call, to see if we can work together, in a retreat or online, please contact me