Back to the source of your SELF

Personal retreat with supervision

“Simply Amazing:

I could not have asked for a better experience at this time of my life. What I needed was a complete change of atmosphere from my daily life and responsibilities and to have a chance to focus entirely on and work through my own inner self/mess.

The location was ideal, providing me with what I needed, an opportunity to go inward, steady my mind and just BE.

The decision to choose Francine’s retreat was the right one for me. I found in it just what I was in search of, the opportunity to be alone and to experience the healing power of nature in a palpable way. The inner dialogue exercise was especially helpful to clear out some of my inner mess and to start the process of reconnecting with my true Self.

The accommodations were basic, but comfortable with a little kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine& drier which you’re free to use. There is a lovely piano and a well-stocked library of books for you to enjoy. Your teacher is also your cook and your tour guide. She is a caring, extremely talented and knowledgeable professional. I felt I was in good hands with her as a facilitator of this important process of one’s Reconnection with Self. I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for a similar experience.” YASMIN

thank you for the lovely picture, Yasmin!

“Being on this retreat made me realize that it was what I needed, to find peace and go within. 

After this week I was able to meditate, and went where I had never been before. I have a clear mind and a better vision of my future. I was very happy with my host who gave me guidance which was very therapeutic I will recommend this retreat. “JEANNINE

La Fontanita means “little fountain”, because we all have this little fountain within: At the so called farmhouse in the mountains of the Ardèche, France, you can find the peace and energy to reconnect to your SELF.And you will find the quiet for your individual retreat: To give attention to upcoming decisions, choosing directions, making choices and digesting trauma or grief. In short, everything that presents itself…

During your stay you will be offered various ways to communicate with your SELF, other than by the mind, to restore or reinforce your connection with Soul, Heart and subconscious. To facilitate this process, a session is offered every morning: A talk, walk, meditation, music/dance, stories/writing, painting/drawing and cooking. This variety of disciplines, with a big role for spontaneity and joy will boost your personal development: We will plan these activities together. A week like this will offer you a chance of deepening the connection with your SELF and might offer you a new perspective on past, present and future.

Themes and perspectives I like to use:

  • About coaching:

~ I love to work with “Internal Dialogue”. You don’t have just one voice or opinion within; how do you gather all these voices around your table, and how do you stop privileging or oppressing some of them?

(Sources of inspiration for me: Psychosynthesis, Byron Katie, Brad Blanton, Artie Wu, Buddhism, Shamanism and many others)

  • Stories/writing:

~Stories give us metaphors; they appeal directly to the subconscious and can provide fresh insights. We will try to find ones that speak to you!

~ If we write about ourselves, we have to make choices, otherwise the subject is too vast. So, the story we keep telling ourselves about our past is also an excerpt. So the interesting question is, how did you make the choice for this excerot and might there be others?

  •  Music/dance:

~rhythm and song are ancient ways of expression; it can be so good to lose yourself in them for a while…

~If you play any musical instrument, please bring it to improvise, piano, keyboards, guitar, cuatro, bongos, congas and timbales are here.

~if you listen to music you like, your body might start to move by itself. Let it go, don’t think about steps or movements: “The body knows!”

  • Drawing/painting:

~What is your favorite to start with, lines, colors, surfaces?

~Work intuitively, let your creativity lead the way

~ try to copy an image several times, only to realize that you can always observe (and listen?) sharper?

  • Cooking:

~combine tastes, textures, warm/cold etc., from simple to refined… What effect can specific odors/tastes have on you?

Go back into experiencing instead of thinking about experiences, and give time and attention to your SELF. This personal retreat leads the way within, without focusing just on a final result. You might leave with lots of inspiration, new ideas and perspectives.  That’s up to your SELF, at la Fontanita.

In shamanic traditions, if you go and see a shaman or medicine man/woman because you feel depressed, discouraged or tired, they will ask you: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? How long since you have been enchanted by a story? And when did you stop finding comfort in sweet silence? Because, if you’ve stopped all that, you will experience soul loss. Dance, song, story and silence are the four pillars of universal healing.”

 Practical notes:

Schedule and Stay:

Arrival: Saturday Afternoon

Sunday: Getting to know each other and the place, maybe go for an excursion or visit a restaurant.

Monday to Friday: Morning sessions, rest of the day is up to you.

Friday night, Closure.

Saturday Morning Departure.

The retreat is offered throughout the year, based on availability.

My role: keeper of your retreat-process, answering to your coaching needs, and also practical: Transport, groceries etc. Cooking and eating together can be part of the hospitality of la Fontanita, but only if you wish to participate. Materials for the morning sessions are also included. Check out for more info about the guesthouse.


Take the TGV to Valence, and switch there to bus to Aubenas, or train to Montélimar, I will come and pick you up /drop you off there.

You can also fly to Lyon, take the TGV to Valence and proceed as mentioned above.  I can also take care of your travel reservations, coming from most parts of Europe the trip will take you one day.

If you would like to come by car, from Amsterdam it’s 1100 km, south west of Lyon.

 amountprice per unityprice
5 morning sessions and 1 free session5115575
Night, full pension775525
Total all incl.  1100
(local transport upon arrival and departure 2 x €25= € 50)   

It would be good to do a video-call by way of preparation!