How being a musician and a creative coach, spring from the same tree.

I have always wanted to become a “femina universalis”, someone who is able to combine different roles and skills in life, such as art, family, connecting to other cultures and languages. In the metaphor of a tree: I had to get to know my roots and trunk, to let all my branches develop ….I found roots where I would never have thought , and it took courage to stick to them.

This took some time, since early-life traumas took my energy . I did manage to empty those suitcases, hence my interest in all cures for the Soul such as: psychology, philosophy, shamanism, and spirituality .

Being brought up by two medical doctors was not the warm childhood I wished for, but it gave me the push to choose my own road, hoping to become a “femina universalis”. I rejected the dominance of the intellect, and became more proficient in matters of the heart and soul, mostly because of my music, painting, writing and travelling.

I graduated from jazz-conservatory on flute, and made a promising start as a performing musician. Things changed after my son was born, and I switched to teaching, music-business and later to policy-developing .The Caribbean music and cultures had an enormous pull on me. So I became part of society in Curaçao, and later Cuba and Suriname, loosing my Eurocentric perspective. I also became aware of the global migration theme, both themes important in my coaching-practice. My work with clients consists mainly of assisting them to create a clear picture of their own ‘tree’, as in roles in society and life, addressing the topics that need to be healed.