Creativity doesn’t belong only in the arts and crafts corner. It is a fountain you can use in every situation in your life!
So you can use it to deepen your connection with your soul in your work making it so much more powerful.
Or when you have a need/longing for a change in life.
And for companies: What is your core business? How is your reaction to shifting markets? Do you use only the dominant cultural perspective?

If you are a creative professional looking for coaching, the traditional way is most probably not working for you. Heightened neuroplasticity in the minds of creatives is the reason. Creative thinking asks for a unique and broad configuration of brain regions that don’t typically work together, and they are much better interconnected than in the brains of non-creatives.
That’s why you need me, a creative coach!
Who am I?
I come from a family of academics, and still remember my grandfather’s library with 30.000 books…he wrote a dictionary, a never ending work, and in a deep closet he had shoeboxes filled with pieces of paper, every box one letter! I was so proud the day I could hand him two “new words”. My grandmother was the first female pediatrician in Holland, and both parents were medical doctors. I loved to study, the fifth generation to sit at my inherited writing-desk. I did study Latin and Greek while in high school, and later on Arabic out of linguistic curiosity. (a curiosity which led me to speak six languages, and I’m aiming now at the seventh…………).
All this intellectual power seemed sometimes to function for my family as an escape from real life, and even to form an obstacle to emotions and personal development. I very early found my way to music (and art) as a source of major joy, and engaged in personal development as a way of life; experiencing religions, philosophies and cultures on my way. I have been a professional musician for most of my life, bandleader; soloist, composer, producer etc. In the meantime I was always assisting others in finding their way in life, but I didn’t have the professional position nor skills yet to make it effective. After an in-depth study to become a Personal Coach, I have now been working for more than five years as a creative coach, with amazing results, helping clients to move on from their comfort zone, recognize their blind spots and adjust their settings when needed.
As a coach, I am focused, blunt and spiritual and above all creatively challenging.”
You are most welcome for a free 15 min. conversation on Skype, to see if this can work for you.

After that you can choose from various packages:
• Short- term intervention
5 sessions of 1-to-1 internet coaching, with complementary exercises and material,
€ 350,- (one session a week)
• Creative project-mentoring
Between 6 and 12 sessions, with complementary exercises and material, depending your projects-time frame, € 400-750

• Creative mentoring year
Assisting you in a major turnaround or choosing a new direction in your life, with complementary exercises and material, € 1500


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