Creative Coaching

We bring ENERGY in motion, whatever we do.

This bundle of colored electrical wires is used to transport energy.
What if we would be that bundle?

The truth is, we mostly use some of them, out of habit/current role in life.
Nothing wrong with that, if all goes well. But if you quickly reach your max, like a car engine that’s not using all cylinders, it’s time to act! Get to know other possibilities or overcome inhibitions.

This is the essence of my Creative Coaching.

If you are a creative professional looking for coaching, the traditional ways most probably won’t work for you. Heightened neuroplasticity in the minds of creatives is the reason. Creative thinking asks for a unique configuration of brain regions that don’t typically work together, and they are much better interconnected than in others.That’s where I step in, as your creative coach!

Who am I?

I remember my grandfather’s library with 30.000 books where he wrote his dictionaries, and my grandmother, the first female pediatrician in Holland. Also, both my parents were medical doctors. I also loved to study, but all this intellectual focus seemed sometimes to function as an escape from real life, avoiding emotions, connection and personal development. So I found my way to music as a source of major joy, and engaged in personal development as a way of life. I have been a professional musician ever since . After in-depth studies to become a personal coach, I have now been working with clients as a creative coach with happy outcomes!. As a coach, I am focused, blunt, empathic and spiritual and above all creatively challenging.

You are most welcome for a free video-call, to see if we can work together.


“Rather than sing the many talents and experiences that make Francine Van Dam an excellent coach, I will simply state what working with her did for me. It made me aware of the vast amounts of energy I spent justifying my every action, to others or to myself (sounds familiar girls?). Francine also challenged me to confront thoughts and/or perceptions that were suspicious in authenticity; those that I had made part of my deceptive social panorama. These misrepresentations were not only limiting; they were also taking away precious energy. On the work to be done outside of coaching time, she encouraged me to investigate, by daily writing practice, these energy “robbers.” The writing also sought to find tools to better confront situations at work/in the world, that caused for me (past histories, PTSD, other), to over react and maximize, once again, pulling away unnecessary energies. The result in healing has been significant. I am “captain” now and know my “weapons”: tools to confront the ever increasing disfunctions of the world in which I live. No longer a human robot, I can, literally, smell the flowers, hear the birds, see the sky, etc. I am finally delving into the being at the core which brings me peace and true freedom. Thank you, Coach, from the bottom of that core.”

(female university professor, US)